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Betting lines reflect the probability of an event, based on the research of the bookmaker and the bets that have been placed. These probabilities have been shown to be more accurate than polls in some cases.

Below mentioned percentages reflect the probability of an event to occur, based on the lines on Betfair Exchange, the world's largest bet exchange website and PredictIt.

Trump not to finish his 1st term
A bookie offering a bet with that implied chance would return $696 for each $100 you bet. Check our recommended bookies or go straight to MyBookie!
Last update: March 28 2020, 2:18 pm CET
Even months and years after his election, Trump's presidency is riddled with scandals and challenges from the outside. People from the US and worldwide have been betting if he finishes his first term, considering the chance that he gets removed from office or they see the possiblity of a resignation for political or medical reasons. Naturally, the odds change the further the term progresses, but they've always been substantially far from zero.
Trump to be re-elected as President
A bookie offering a bet with that implied chance would return $198 for each $100 you bet. Check our recommended bookies or go straight to MyBookie!
Last update: March 28 2020, 9:18 am CET
Historically, the incumbent President of the United States had an edge when heading into the campaign trail for re-election. The odds for the 2020 elections might not look as good for Trump, considering the consistently low approval ratings and hints from polls. This makes it an attractive betting market - for either side of the aisle.
Democratic candidate to win the next presidential election
A bookie offering a bet with that implied chance would return $203 for each $100 you bet. Check our recommended bookies or go straight to MyBookie!
Last update: March 28 2020, 9:18 am CET
If you're wondering why this doesn't add up precisely with Trump's re-election odds: There's always the chance that a third party surges, or that Trump is not the Repulican nominee, especially considering that he might be removed from office.
Democratic Nominee for the US Presidential Election 2020
Last update: March 28 2020, 12:16 pm CET
It's been a tough fight for the Democratic Nomination so far, although the field is narrowing down.

The percentage values derive from recent odds on Betfair bet exchange and PredictIt. For betting from the US, we recommend different bookies that might have different odds.

While gambling and online betting has largely been prohibited in the United States for a long period of time, the regulations were loosend over the past few years.

US citiziens can place bets legally and easily on various online betting websites by now, with restrictions for only a couple of states.

On this website, we use the betting lines from the world's biggest bet exchange, Betfair, which is located in the United Kingdom. For US citiziens, however, we recommend Bovada. Be aware that the betting lines and offered bets on Bovada might be different than what we show on this website, so you might be able to catch an opportunity there!

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